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Pharmacy for the Soul
  Organized in a user-friendly format addressing issues such as relieving stress and physical tension, building self-confidence, enhancing emotional and physical vitality, mood swings, sexuality, and diet, Pharmacy For The Soul suggests holistic remedies for a variety of ailments.

Each section begins with a description and I diagnosis of an emotional or physical ailment, and then lists a I number of prescriptions. Arranged by ailment and area of the body, remedies include stretching techniques, meditations laughter and breathing exercises, vocalizations, visualizations, chants, massage, and meditations, which are Osho's suggestions for helping to cure everything from nail biting to troubles of the heart to depression.

In addition, Pharmacy For The Soul is laced with poetic, humorous, and illuminating commentary that explores how to come to peace with one-self both physically and emotionally. For the experienced holistic healer seeking further inspiration, or for the newcomer in need of direction, this is the must-have medicine cabinet of aids to living a life that is healthy, relaxed, and full of spontaneous joy.

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