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 Double Koru Bone Carving. (3612)
With unsurpassed craftsmanship, our carvers, have produced in bone some of the beautiful and meaningful images from the Maori culture. These pieces have been so successful that they are very popular for the tourist as well as the local....
 Hei-Matau Maori Bone Carving Fishhook Pendant (4713)
Hei-Matau Bone Carving Pendant is a symbol of power and authority which is held in great reverence by the Maori people. For other people (myself for example), they represent and symbolize typical NZ art and culture and religion...
 Inner Circle Koru Maori Bone Carving Designs (3673)
This carving integrates the Koru pattern into its design. The Koru represents a new beginning or re-birth, and is derived from the new shoots of the New Zealand fern (Punga)...
 Koru Bone Carving (3681)
Goes back centuries to a time when whaling was a way of life, and mankind was in balance with nature. Traditionally the Maori used bone from whales that unfortunately had been beached and died on New Zealand's rugged coasts...
 Modern Koru Maori Bone Carving Designs (3567)
Unlike anything else you will ever experience. Its milky white appearance and soft flowing lines are just the start. It is soft and warm to the touch yet the finish is like polished glass, it seems to blend with your body and become a part of you...
 New Zealand Tikis (3934)
The name Tiki (penis) is one which is applied to stone statues elsewhere in Polynesia. It is the name of a male demigod which appears often in Polynesian mythology and is unquestionably ancient...
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