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 Hubbard's 'Berry Berry Nice Breakfast Toasted Muesli' x 2 Boxes (2196)
NZ toasted muesli full of berry flavor - because the oats & other muesli ingredients are all soaked in berry juice before they are baked. Freeze-dried strawberries & blackberries, as well as yogurt coated raisins complete the distinctly Hubbard brand...
 Hubbard's 'Bugs n'Mud' Breakfast Cereal x 2 Boxes (1898)
Cocoa-coated rice pop 'mud' combined with long grain rice 'bugs' with natural orange stripes on their backs. 25% less sugar than original recipe, but still loads of flavor.
 Hubbard's 'Fruitful Breakfast Toasted Muesli' x 2 Boxes (2103)
This is Hubbard's flagship muesli. Fruitful Breakfast is known for its fruit, which accounts for no less than 20% of this toasted muesli. Generous amounts of nine different fruits (apricot, apple, pear, peach, raisins, dates, banana, pineapple & papaya...
 Hubbard's 'Honey Bumbles Breakfast Muesli Cereal' x 2 Boxes (2092)
Golden bite sized bundles of honey coated puffed corn, wheat and rice...
 Hubbard's 'Vanilla & Peach Muesli Breakfast Muesli Cereal' x 2 Boxes (1958)
Crunchy muesli grains with dried peach, sultanas and a small sprinkling of apple, pear and apricot pieces, accompanied by a gentle hint of vanilla. Vanilla & Peach Reduced Fat Muesli has 48% less fat than Fruitful Breakfast...
 Hubbards 'Light & Right Berry Breakfast Muesli Cereal' x 2 Boxes (2171)
Berries are the essence of this cereal, A light satisfying flake cereal with freeze-dried strawberries and blackberries and yoghurt coated flakes...
 Hubbards 'Outward Bound Breakfast Cereal' x 2 Boxes. (1994)
A 'gutsy' cereal - multigrain flakes (wheat, rice and corn) oat bran sticks, hazelnut flavoured cornflakes, tropical fruit, raisins and chunky guava pieces - will fuel you for any day. 50c from each pack goes to support the Outward Bound of New Zealand...
 Sanitarium Up & Go Breakfast Drink - 6 Pack 8.45 oz (250ml) (3134)
If you're too busy to sit through breakfast, or you're not very hungry first thing in the morning, try UP & GO for a real breakfast, real fast. With the goodness and fibre of 2 Weet-Bix and milk, UP & GO is the first nutritionally balanced breakfast...
 Weet-Bix Breakfast Cereal 26.5 oz (750g) Box (2351)
Weet-Bix are made from wholegrain wheat with a delicious malty flavour
 'Light & Right Feijoa' Hubbard's Flakes Cereal x 2 Boxes. (2067)
A light satisfying flake cereal with freeze dried Feijoa and yogurt coated flakes.
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