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Wooden Rainbow Puzzles
Colourful Wooden Toys, Perfect For That Young Toddler?"
 3 Dimensional 7 Piece Puzzle (2119)
Each puzzle is individually cut, no two the same...
 Circle Blocks (2088)
Allows children to discover size sequencing...
 Colorful Cat with a Rainbow Tail (2200)
Helps develop early childhood skills...
 Large Caterpillar (2172)
Color and shape learning...
 Paddle Boat (2147)
Loads of fun in the bath...
 Sheep on the Hill (2156)
Another great New Zealand icon...
 'Large Rainbow' Children's Wooden Toy (2436)
A seven piece wooden set in accurate color sequence beautifully finished using New Zealand pine and Non-toxic paint goes into making this 'Large Rainbow' Children's Wooden Toy...
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