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Meditation Music & CDs

For inner peace and inspiration

 Angelic Vision Meditation Music CD (1847)
Angelic Vision Meditation Music CD, Celestial Music for meditation and contemplation. The first in a new spiritual series with truely elevating music which takes one into a sacred space. The realm of the holy enlightened...
 Breath of Heaven Meditation Music CD (1953)
Breath of Heaven Meditation Music CD, Elevated spiritual singing in tongues performed in angelic beauty by Edwina Francesca. Six new tracks ideal for Relaxation and Meditation...
 Celestial Moonrise Meditation Music CD (1912)
Celestial Moonrise Meditation Music CD, Majestic full moonrise over reflective waters followed by a clear starry night...
 Dakshina (Narada) (5380)
Deva Premal (vocals, tanpura, keyboards); Miten (vocals, acoustic guitar) and others. A deep sensous and spritual journey. Using traditional Hindu mantras as source material, singer Deva Premal creates lush, beautiful music that falls somewhere between chanting and ambient New Age. DAKSHINA w...
 Garden of Delights Meditation Music CD (1832)
Garden of Delights Meditation Music CD come into the garden, the garden of delights, your true home where all things exist together in peace and harmony ...
 Ishmael Meditation Music CD (1958)
Ishmael Meditation Music CD, A raptuous uplifting of the Human Spirit. Unique Spiritual singing in tongues depicting the rising of the soul towards eternity and the creator. ..
 Joy of Life (5010)
Artist: Karunesh Beautiful and relaxing eastern instrumentation music.
 Osho Kundalini Meditation (4132)
Artist: Deuter This popular album that takes you on an inner journey to leave you at one with the world. Click the buy now link to play sample tracks
 Secret Gardens Meditation Music CD (2033)
Secret Gardens Meditation Music CD, inspired by beautiful natural placed takes you to a place of beauty and peace within your heart ...
 Trusting the Silence (5796)
Deva Premal/Miten Great relaxation or music for meditation Performer Notes Deva Premal (keyboards); Miten (guitar); Prasad (slide guitar); Ravi (kora); Rajrishi, Sid (keyboards).
 Zen Breakfast (4764)
Beautiful relaxation music by Karunesh Karunesh's debut album is an atmospheric meditation for piano and synthesizer. The synthesizer often sings like a bamboo flute, evoking the Zen practice of shakuhachi flute-meditation. The songs unwind slowly and gracefully, summoning a sense of peace in the...
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