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Bennetts Gourmet Chocolates

Here, the Belgium trained husband and wife team of chocolatiers, Clayton and Mary Bennett, create a wonderful range of truffles, pralines, creme fraiche and Oriental spice chocolates, using indigenous fruits carefully sourced from the native countryside.
 Fairy Tern Bird Chocolate Box - 26 gms (92 ozs) per box (2009)
Fairy Tern Bird Chocolate Box, superb hand made chocolates, 2 of your choice, a great corporate gift choice or that little sweet nothing sure to surprise and ignite that flame of love ....
 Gold Ballotin Box with 20 Assorted Chocolates - 255g (7.93 oz) (1961)
This gold embossed gift box contains a selection of Bennetts much loved fruit-filled chocolates together with pralines and creme fraiche fillings in milk, white and dark chocolate....
 Praline Hearts - 140 gms (4.95 oz) (1900)
Praline Hearts, chocolates that will win the heart of any loved one, when you give them from the heart they are received with love ...
 White Ballotin Box of Hand Made Chocolates - 160 gms (5.65 oz) (1917)
White Ballotin Box of Hand Made Chocolates from NewZealand, now this will really exceed your expectations when it comes to chocolate of the highest quality ...
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