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 Canvas Kit bag. (2155)
You purchase that featherdown or state-of-the-art fibre filled sleeping bag, and they supply it in some flimsy nylon cover that just does not protect it from surviving the rigors of camping, tramping, hunting...
 Fire Wood Log Carrier Bag (2147)
This fire wood carrier bag allows you to bring in a lot more firewood than carrying it in your arms from the wood pile, with the heavy canvas acting as an apron to stop you getting spiderwebs, dirt etc on your clothes, and will help keep your house...
 Picnic Bag (2081)
Has three compartments which are all padded with foam rubber and insulated for food and / or bottles. Made out of pure cotton canvas, except the red colored one, as this is made from polyester.
 The Swag (2235)
Why bother to have a tent, and all the room it takes up, when you can use a swag bag; insert your sleeping bag inside it, and you can sleep anywhere?
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