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The word pharmacy is derived from its root pharmakon, a Greek word meaning "drug" or "medicine". This was reduced to "pharma"' a term used since the 15th & 17th centuries.

Today a Pharmacy is a professional health establishment that dispenses prescription and non prescription drugs. The same function is served in New Zealand by chemist shops although a 'chemist' is a scientist trained in the study of chemistry rather than a dispenser of medicines. Irregardless of the name, chemists and pharmacists must know that when dispensing medicines, there are no chemical conflicts in the prescribed drugs.

No more trips to the city for non prescription items, now you can order them discretely from the online store.

 Anti Aging (0 | 10)
Products to help retain or regain your youth.
 Diet and Weight Loss (0 | 8)
Lose weight and get the slim figure you have always desired.
 Family Health (2 | 16)
   Children, Reference
 Men's Health (4 | 37)
   Bath & Shower Soaps, Colognes and After Shave, Cosmetics for Men, Sexuality
 Skin & Hair Care (1 | 73)
Does your skin feel like a lizards?
 Women (5 | 26)
Products for women
   Breast Enhancement, General Health & Wellbeing, Gift Ideas, Perfumes, ...
 Alteril (12737)
Alteril™ is an all-natural sleeping aid, the result of 25 years of research into the science of sleep and the healthiest choice for someone looking for a little natural encouragement for dozing off a night. Insomnia and symptoms of sleeplessness affect nearly 40 million Americans. Sleeping ...
 Bannish Snoring (12911)
Acusnore Anti Snore Stop Snoring Solution Mouth Guard Piece Sleeping Aid Apnoea Apnea Relief Snore Stopper * With Blue Case * Clinically Proven To Work* Custom Fit Mould To Your Mouth Product Description: The Science: The comfortable and effective Acusnore device works by inserting th...
 ApiVENZ Relief Bee Venom Cream (2911)
New Zealand ApiVENZ Relief Bee Venom Cream ... This formulation is intended for external use. Good for sports people and those in active occupations which makes demands on muscles, joints, ligaments and any other aches, pains, bruises, and arthritic joints. 100 Times More Effective Than Cor...
 Joint Relief Solution (2571)
Natural Relief and Better Movement For Folks With Joint Pain. Joint pain occurs from a variety of factors, one of the most common being arthritis, a broad term to describe the 100+ forms of chronic joint inflammation that can wear away at cartilage. Arthritis deteriorates this rubbery substance a...
 Sleep Pro (13990)
Do you have snoring problems? If you or your partner do have a snoring problem, you should have talked to your doctor. When your partner is storing is preventing you from getting a good night sleep, look no further than the sleep pro stop snoring device. It is a quick and easy way to s...
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